A volatile, dynamic situation in the world gives many wealthy people a reason to look for other places to live. To acquire the right to life-long residence, the investors are willing to finance the economy of the countries to which they move. In this article, we will try to list all the benefits.

Many wealthy people in their quest for a comfortable and secure living are willing to make large contributions to become citizens of Malta. 

It is a state located in the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of three islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino. The state’s autonomy was proclaimed in 1964 on the site of the former British colony. After 10 years the Republic of Malta was founded. 

Now the country is populated by more than 400 thousand people. Picturesque islands are characterized by favorable climate and the highest comfort for life.

At the moment there are a lot of known Malta passport benefits, which will be interesting to learn about for those who made a decision to move permanently. For example, you will have access to more than 180 countries, where you can come as a tourist, and there will be no requirement for a visa. For quite a long time the positive economic and social conditions in Malta have been a powerful incentive for large investments. In 2004, Malta’s accession to the European Union was marked by a rapid growth of markets, which continues to this day. The development of the economy has contributed to the high standard of living of its citizens and their confidence in their further life.

Malta Citizenship by investment program offers a lot of significant benefits to the applicants. Among the principal advantages of Malta passport are:

  • quick processing time;
  • the capacity to travel without a visa;
  • stability of the political system and a favorable climate;
  • the probability to registrate the citizenship for his family;
  • favorable rental housing;
  • the ability to retain citizenship in other governments;
  • free medical care and education;
  • lifelong status;
  • transfer of citizenship to heirs.

To get  more detail, read the article below.    

Availability of Maltese citizenship in 1-3 years

To apply for permanent living, you should get a residence permit for 3 years. However, with special investments you can reduce this period to one year. When you officially employ for a residence permit, a Maltese residence document will be issued to you. 

Ability to travel without a visa

Nationality is the chance to travel to 184 countries without having to present a visa. Therefore, a Maltese resident document is considered quite a lucrative gift for those who want to see other countries.

Reliability and political stability

Malta classifies one of the most stable governments, both in the European space and among other powers around the world. This is borne out by various indicators. The country demonstrates loyalty to different views and religions. It is almost never prone to natural disasters, and the rights of media and journalists are protected. Women, children, the disabled and other vulnerable groups may feel quite safe in Malta. This is not a complete list of all pros of Maltese passport. This state is a full member of the European Union, where all the conditions for favorable and safe living are available for the applicants. 

Accessibility of getting citizenship by your family members

When applying for Malta’s citizenship, a candidate may additionally include among the recipients of this status: 

  • his or her spouse;
  • kids under the age of 18 – his/her own or his/her spouse;
  • dependent son or daughter, either her/his own or her/his spouse who is under 29 years of age 
  • disabled heirs – own, spouse or adopted children;
  • parents or grandparents who are financially dependent – themselves or a spouse who is over 55 years old.

The ability  to apply for living in the country for the whole family is an essential advantage of Malta’s public institutions.

Citizenship with the possibility to live permanently in Malta 

If you and your family have obtained the status of citizens of the Republic, you can live here indefinitely. In addition, you will not be subject to any restrictions related to employment or other social benefits. 

Rental housing on favorable terms

Gaining Maltese citizenship by the programme of investment gives you the ability to hire residential or non-residential property without the obligation to buy it at a later date. In addition, investments in real estate can be made after the applicant received the status of citizen.

Ability to retain the citizenship of other countries

Malta is among the states that allow bi-nationalism and having more than two passports. The  country’s basic law says that you can have the citizenship of other states and this will not prevent you from being a Maltese citizen. One of the benefits of Maltese citizenship is that you don’t have to suspend your first citizenship if you strive to have all the rights in the Republic of Malta.

Free medical care and education

Holders of a document of the Republic of Malta have availability to free medical treatment and education, which significantly affects the cost of living in Malta. This government employs the most qualified medical professionals. According to the WHO, Malta is one of the countries with the best quality, responsible health care system. The country’s medical centers have their budget formed from tax proceeds and state insurance contributions. All necessary medical services are available to Maltese citizens:

  • being admitted to a hospital if inpatient treatment is required;
  • prescription medication;
  • treatment under the supervision of experienced doctors;
  • assistance with pregnancy and childbirth.

The patient’s expenses are recouped by the state, so he/she does not have to worry about the cost of these or those services. There are a sufficient number of medical institutions of various profiles throughout the republic.

The free education system includes schools that are intended for children living anywhere in the country, including the island of Gozo. The state finances all travel expenses for school buses. Since Malta has two official languages, the educational system in local schools is also based on Maltese and English. 

Along with the national educational institutions, you can find private and international educational organizations on the islands, many of which are specially designed for foreign nationals.   

Higher education institutions are financed by the state, so residents with Maltese citizenship can study in them for free. Students are entitled to financial incentives in the form of scholarships, as well as reimbursement of basic expenses.

Transferability of citizenship to children

If you received a document through a special merit program, you will retain your civil rights throughout your life. Your children will also receive a passport from this country, regardless of where they were born.

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